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Principal's Welcome

It is my honor and pleasure to warmly welcome you to Clear Creek Elementary. Our school’s culture is rooted deeply in family and community and the idea that we must work as partners to achieve the educational success that our students need and deserve. The Clear Creek faculty & staff are mutually committed to: all students learning at high levels, a strong partnership with parents to help each student get the most out of their education, each student participating in leadership skills daily, and a safe and positive school environment.

A safe and positive school environment is the foundation needed for learning to occur. With this in mind, Clear Creek has a comprehensive and innovative approach where the emphasis is on shaping and affirming student behaviors rather than solely using punitive disciplinary consequences to gain compliance. Students learn school wide expectations related to Treating Other People Right, Making Smart Decisions, and Maximizing Their Potential. They learn to manage their emotions through self-regulation techniques and the use of classroom and school-wide reset spaces. We will continue teaching students how to communicate positively with language that is clear and respectful. I am also very excited for MCCSC’s continued commitment to Restorative Practices and what that means for Clear Creek moving forward. This will mean that you will hear your student talking about classroom circle time and the community-building that occurs during it. You will hear teachers and administration emphasizing the importance of building and maintaining positive relationships within our school. 

We look forward to providing your student with learning experiences that are accessible and meaningful, and that produce positive outcomes that we can all be proud of together. As a Dual Language Spanish Immersion school, Clear Creek affords students with the opportunity to engage in learning throughout the day in both English and Spanish languages. I am excited about the steps that we have taken to improve and strengthen this program. I am equally excited about the skill and commitment of all of our faculty & staff at Clear Creek and know that your student will be learning from some of the best in MCCSC. 

Abraham Lincoln said, "The best way to predict your future is to create it.” We understand that the elementary years of education are where children begin to create their future. Thank you for trusting Clear Creek Elementary to partner with you in educating your child.


Mitch Bratton